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Redcat Racing Tornado S30 1/10 Scale - Purple/Green

Redcat Racing Tornado S30 1/10 Scale - Purple/Green
Item #:TORNADOS30-PG-66001

Tornado S30 1/10 Scale The Tornado S30 replaces the Tornado BB. We upgraded the popular Tornado BB with an SH brand engine, performance header and aluminum tuned exhaust.

!ALERT! Local climatology experts indicate threat of a forceful competitor both on and off the track…This nitro 1/10 scale buggy comes complete with a powerful 3.0cc .18 SH engine, ball joint suspension, two-speed transmission, aluminum tuned exhaust, performance header, aluminum alloy chassis and oil- filled aluminum bodied shocks. The Tornado S30; in its element on the track, off road or just bashing around. This vehicle is sure to handle all of your nitro-fueled RC buggy adventures. Major funnel clouds have been reported from these high performance off road buggies!

Specifications: Motor Type Nitro 3.0cc .18 SH Transmission Centrifugally Shifted 2-Speed Drive System 4 Wheel Drive Length 400mm Width 250mm Height 160mm Wheelbase 275mm (F/R) Ground Clearance 26mm Fuel Tank Capacity 75cc Chassis Type 2.5mm 6061 Aluminum Brake Type Composite Disc Shocks Aluminum Body Oil Filled Radio System 2.4GHz Radio System

The Tornado S30 1/10 scale nitro buggy comes complete with a powerful .18 SH 3.0cc engine, ball joint suspension, 2 speed, aluminum tuned pipe, perfomance header and aluminum bodied shocks.

Redcat Racing Tornado Nitro Series from Sean Lamonby on Vimeo.

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